Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Dear cust service personal I have a very good cust service from ur MALAYSIA call centre BEING DIVERTED by various call centre personal just to ask a simple query but given multiple unser what heppened is our company use ur Corrier service due to ur sense of urgency beside the FEDEX ,TNT we chosse ur service due to ur standard service is well know but from what we have is like normal post office aunswer is this is ur standard? my call was hold for more then 30 mint on 16/09/2012 from 11.25 untill 12.30 after that when requested for person in charge ur cust service personal said he is enggaged with other cust and I demand to wait untill being serve. But still no aunswer from any one if this what u call service or if this is how ur nature of business is this then we set ur standard very high tq so much for make us lost a confiden on DHL and will tell all my friends and biz partner to not use ur service

Order I'd : 2859234151 tracking no

Ur superb cust service personal : MR SHAH (the person confirm that my shipment will arrived on 16/09 mon) shamini (the one that give a wrong information regarding the custom Klia working hour ) and another super rude Indian call centre guy that never give his full name and the way he talk like we should know how the SO CALL DHL WAY OF WORKING AND PUT ME ON HOLD FOR MORE THAN 1hour if u need a prove I'll send u guys my phonebill to prove it )

All of this customer care personal really don't know what they doing ,no product knowledge , don't know the sense of cust service and very rude ) if we know we will never pay u guys for the service


Monetary Loss: $9545.

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