My order was coming from Turkey and I was told 3-4 weeks for delivery. When I saw just 2 days after ordered it that it was in the States I was very excited. Following my tracking info, I saw that delivery was attempted on a Thursday, but the recipient wasn't home. Now, my husband works from home and we have a dog that barks at everything and everyone. I called him to see if he was in fact home or had run out. He said he was home all morning and no one had come. We even had signs up on our front door that the doorbell there was broken and to please take all deliveries to our back door, where the mailbox is and what we use as our main entrance. Later that evening, i checked the tracking again and it said that again, delivery was attempted but no one was home. The time stamped was when I had been home from work. Again, we were home and no one had not heard a thing. I check out front and right next to my note to please take all deliveries to the back door was a DHL sticker saying they had missed me. The delivery person had to have seen my note to take deliveries to the back, but chose to ignore it.

I had the same issue the next day. Signs remained posted to take the delivery to the back door. Again, my husband was home all day and nothing came, no signs were posted from DHL saying they attempted delivery, but according to the tracking info, it again was out for delivery. I contacted customer service and requested that the package just be held at the shipment center so I could pick it up on Monday, since I was leaving to go out of town for work and the center was right by the airport. I spoke with Ana and received a confirmation number that my package would be held for me.

Monday, on my way to the airport I stopped to get my package, confirmation number in hand. I was told by the woman working there that they did receive the request to hold it, but did not take it off the truck and actually do so. I asked where my package was and was told out for delivery. I said, "So what you are telling me, is that I requested that I pick it up here and you openly admit to receiving that request and disregarded it. Now my package is being delivered to my house and this time, there is no one home to receive it and I'm on my way to the airport without my package, which I needed to take with me." Her response? "Looks like somebody dropped the ball on this one. Nothing I can do."

Angry, I had to leave because I had a flight to catch. While on set the next day, I again contacted customer service and was told nothing they could do except they could leave my package without signing IF I faxed them a letter stating this permission. I informed the woman I was no where near a fax machine, being on a commercial shoot. I asked if I could just send an email or talk to someone. After a while, she said her supervisor would approve the package being left at my door without needing a signature.

When I got home from my work trip the next day, I again checked in with my husband to see if the package had been dropped off. Again, nothing. I did receive and email from DHL saying an employee had signed for it. Later that evening, I received an email at 6:30 EST stating they again attempted delivery but no one was home. This was time stamped 7:15 PM PST. 7:15 PM PST is 10:15 PM EST. So they sent me an email 4 hours before they delivered it telling me no one was home at 10:15 at night to receive it.

The next day I followed my tracking number on their website, it said it was being held instead of delivered. That afternoon, I called the center and asked if my package was in fact there. I was told it was. I asked why it was not delivered to my house, as I was told it would be based on my conversation with customer service and the email I received stating that a DHL employee had signed for it. I was told that no one was around to deliver it. Seriously. A delivery agency HAD NO ONE AROUND TO DELIVER MY PACKAGE.

I had to leave work early that night to make the drive out to pick up my package. When I got there, I asked why the package had not been dropped off, as customer service said it would. I had in hand my 2 documented chats with customer service, my original confirmation number and my emails from the future. I was told that even though customer service had said that the drop off was approved, what I didn't see or was even informed of was a conversation on the center's end stating that they would not drop it off, but hold it instead. I asked why no one had called me, emailed me...anything to inform me of this change. Had I not called myself, I would have never known and been expecting my package to be dropped off at my house. Again, i was told "Somebody dropped the ball". That's it. I paid $15 for shipping, speak to customer service twice and had to go to the center twice to pick it up all for "Somebody dropped the ball."

Worst. Company. Ever.

Review about: Dhl Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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