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Parcel number 3927436586

Promised delivery on 9/12/11. I waited in all day, losing work and money. No delivery made.

No call, no email. Why do DHL take e-mail addresses and phone numbers if they can't be bothered to use them?

Why are they so discourteous as to keep customers in the dark?

Packet's sender spent quarter of an hour on their premium- rate enquiries line, and got no answers from them either. Losing her money and stressing her out needlessly.

When packet arrived, three days late, no apology either.

DHL customer complaints form filled in on- line. This promises a call- back within 48 hours. That hasn't happened. DHL don't know the meaning of the word "promise."

This has got to be the worst company I have dealt with, in any way, during 2011.

I am now advising all friends and family to avoid DHL like the plague.

Review about: Dhl Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $94.

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ship with us and we will out hustle everyone. woof woof!


Raimond; that is correct. The first delivery attempt was indeed on 7th December. I was not expecting it at all at that time, so I had no reason to wait in for it.

However, they promised a second delivery on a day of my choosing. I chose 9th December. I had an email from DHL stating that a second delivery attempt would be made on 9th December. That was the day I wasted waiting in. That was the day they could have been courteous enough to let me know it wasn't coming, but weren't.

When the packet was finally delivered, on 12th December, the driver was not clear what day it was. He thought the 7th- first delivery (a Wednesday) was in fact the 9th (a Friday.)

Even the youngest of schoolchildren are usually aware of what day it is. That DHL employ drivers without this basic competence is hardly a great recommendation, in my view.


next time try FedEx. Better service, I have found.

DHL is really a second or third rate company nowdays. Something has happened to them as they used to be pretty good and reliable.

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