I had a package sent from an eBay seller on the 01/06/2015 today is 01/14/2015 this is BS . I have received 2 packages from Phoenix by USPS to Clarksville TN.

and it only took 2 days . This is not what they advertise and I am ready to delete my eBay account because they use this poor excuse for a delivery service . Did I mention that the package is in Memphis TN ? I could have walked there and back in the time it has taken them to delivery this package .

Mind you I emailed them and the reply was some what like I committed a crime .

Great costumer service (NOT) So I wish everyone would join me in getting eBay to stop using this complete flop of a delivery service .

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Their slow shipping.

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DHL eCommerice from IL to RI, 10 days and counting. Free USPS shipping was the only option.

This is medication for my old dog. You might be able to mess with me, but NOT with my dog. NEVER AGAIN. DHL was always #1 in my book for international shipments.

Boy did they screw this up. 1/14/2019


I'll definitely never use them again. 5 days from Florida to VA!


DHL IS SLOWWW. I ordered something Friday and it was shipped Sunday and said delivery was estimated to be Thursday.

Ok that’s a long transit time to travel from Kentucky to North Carolina but ok. Thursday no package. Friday no package. Saturday no package and no tracking updates.

Wednesday it was about 3 hours away then it vanished off the face of the earth. Shipper is reshipping order hopefully not DHL.


I have a shipment coming from 301 miles away shipped on 10/4, expected to arrive 10/13. If it does arrive on that date it will be traveling at a speedy 1.5 MPH.

It's probably so slow because they probably only work 9-5 and not on weekends. Next time, I will pay more for ANY other delivery option.


Couldn't agree more! DEL Ecommerce is the worst and slowest delivery service I've ever encountered.

Consistently extremely show... I can't even understand how they are still in business.


I recently ordered two things from the same company one under “Express” Shipping DHL and the other USPS, USPS was quick and actually had detailed shipping, it is already in my home town and out for delivery, where DHL is sitting in a sitting room in a city like 2 hours away from me. I will keep in mind that the DHL shipment shipped later and is already in my state which I guess is good but will very vague on the place and time of shipment...


DHL Delivery Has to be Late. I agree, Ebay should delete DHL, DHL should stop doing business.


He is telling it like it is ,DHL will add about 5 days or more to your shipping .E-Bay should not let a seller use DHL or make the seller say they use DHL.I am going to start asking the seller if they use DHL,If they do I will buy from another seller

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1180167

I'd have to agree..Each time I've purchased items from sellers on Ebay that use DHL to USPS, it seems to take forever to receive my order. Wish they'd just use USPS ...Four days so from for item from Walnut, CA to Las Vegas, NV


my package left wisconsin and arrived in chicago on 5/10 then processed on 5/11 departed chicago on 5/12 arrived in st louis on 5/13 i live in central il who knows when and where it will go next!!!! then it will be delivered by usps.

everytime i order from somewhere and it is so slow going i know it is dhl WTF! usps partnered with them what a mistake

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #937102

DHL is ridiculous. I paid for express shipping, and the day i was supposed to receive my item, they left a note on my front door saying that nobody was home to sign off for the package, so they will be back the next day.

Although i already stated to them that it was okay to leave the package on my doorstep. Next day they do not even come by. UPS even left a package before they did and i ordered after DHL.

Horrible service.

Never again. No wonder they are going out of business.

to Anonymous #984304

When i ship something and i pay for the "signature confirmation" its so i cannot be scammed by the buyer with a fake "never received package" claim on ebay.No delivery driver should EVER just leave a package that the seller paid to require a signature.That being said, DHL is slow.What i find odd is i don't even have the option to use DHL when i ship through ebay (only usps and fedex), i use USPS mostly.

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