IM GOING ON VACATION IN A COUPLE OF DAYS SO I DECIDED TO ORDER A NEW PAIR OF SANDALS AND I SOON REALIZED THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE HERE IN TIME SO I PAID A EXTRA 20 DOLLARS SO THAT DHL would deviver them in ample time but little did i know that DHL is the biggest screw ups i have ever done buisness with, needless to say i had to go on vacation with out my sandals and they acted like OH WELL you will get em when u get em, very bad business. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, just do the smart thing and go with UPS,FED EX, USPS etc...

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The post was about the delivery, not about the sandals, who really cares how much someone else pays for sandals!!!! I have to agree about DHL though, I have only dealt with them once and they were AWFUL! I will never deal with them again, and I tell everyone I know not to either.


Must be very very good sandals if you pay an additional $20 just to ship them!! Myself, I bought a pair of sandals on clearance at Meijers just last week for $2.00.

They do that toward the end of summer.

I can't remember when, if ever, I paid full price for anything. But then, I am not made of money and have never paid interest, on anything, in my life.

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