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First day, i checked the tracking record on the DHL website and it showed my speakers were to be delivered that day. So i cancelled an appointment and waited for the speaker set at home until 3pm when i got a DHL Shipment Notification by email. It told me they delivered to my place but nobody was at home; i discovered that the driver went to my neighbour's place and left a notice on their door since THEY were not at home. So I phoned DHL immediately and told them they went to wrong place and they said they could not contact the driver but left message for the driver about this event ; the rep. could not do anything more even she admitted a mistake and said she would get back to me. But NO ONE called and the day ended. I could not believe how poorly they managed this. It sounded as if nobody knew anything and they didn't do anything to correct the mistake.

In the morning of the second day, I phoned DHL for more details, as no one yet had called. The person told me they could not know anything until 11am and could not determine where the shipment was and when it would be delivered. After 11 am, I phoned again they told me the "Same" driver would PROBABLY deliver it around the same time but they could not confirm the time since again the driver was unreachable; furthermore the clerk confirmed that the driver knew about the previous day's mistake. It was quite frustrating that I waited for something but I didn't know when they would come a second day in a row; I could not go anywhere because they said they would not call me by phone or anything before they come. So I therefore stayed home again. Much to my surprise, I received a DHL Shipment Notification by email. It was "Shipment delivered". It was NOT delivered at my address; in disbelief, I went outside my house and checked in case the package was placed at the door. Nothing was there so i phoned DHL again for this problem. They told me somebody signed it for me and took my package. (The signed was just some dusk point) I don't know what happen and what i could do because DHL could not help me the only thing that they could do was leave a message to the driver again. My shipment was either lost or stolen but DHL could not help me because they could not communicate with the driver and ask what's going on. I asked to speak to a manager but to no avail. Again i was to be called back. No one called back.

Please don't use DHL, if The driver know the package is worst few cent. The driver will steal it for themselves.

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OK, first of all, i have to declaim they didn't steal my package. The package was delivered to another address (the driver went to wrong street), the driver went to wrong places 2 days in the row but he kept saying he delivered to my place. So what i should might be a accident but the quality of the driver is not really high.

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Where did you hide the package?

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