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This company is a headache to deal with!!! I ordered something extremely expensive from RPGHair which might I add is in China.

What I ordered took approximately a month and a half to make once finally finished the company shipped the item through DHL I’d never received anything from them so I didn’t judge just patiently waited on my delivery fast forward this driver “supposedly “ left my shipment outside my apartment building, ooooh may I add my apartment complex has over 50 units probably about 80+ renters. They never rang my doorbell as I was home all day took off from work to make sure I received the package as I assumed I would have to sign for it being how expensive it was! Nope he supposedly left it at the main interest door no call, txt, email, doorbell NO TYPE OF ATTEMPT TO REACH ME. So yup you guessed right my package was stolen when I called Customer service had no empathy, they spoke to me as if I was being investigated as if I stole my package when asked did someone signed for my package so I could try to investigate on my end I was told to go online which shows nothing!!!!

This package was very important for my upcoming birthday in about two weeks, thanks to them my day is ruined I’m currently out of money and my product until this is resolved who knows when that will be.

SMH I believe the delivery man stole it honestly or DHL and the company i ordered from are in cahoots. *** is sad and disappointing whatever you do stay away from them and YouTube videos happy birthday to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhl Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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