It has been on "Ready for Transport to USPS" status forever. Are they SURE they're really READY TO TRANSPORT???

Doesn't seem like it because they have been taking forever to hand it over to USPS. It's been stuck in Compton, CA (which is part of LA)...and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I can probably drive over there and pick it up and it will take less time than it did for them to deliver it. I hope they really pick up their speed in doing stuff.

I am really dissatisfied and unimpressed with their lousy service. It is not necessary for them to take this long to transport stuff to USPS, especially since it's in the same city!

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Pissed doesn't even come close as to the anger I have. {{redacted}} DHL !! !!!


Nothings changed. 6 days my package has been waiting to tender to usps, 61 miles from my house.

It was due here 2 days ago. Its not the only one. I have 2 other pkgs that are late and in limbo and Im near positive both are also dhl.

Im canceling the subscriptions i have with those companies. Its ridiculous that 3 different cos shipping from 3 different locations all have floated into the ether and are late the same week.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States #1212694

My package has been sitting in a city not to far away from me here in MA when I should've gotten it a few days ago. Tendered does not mean anything when it involves DHL, as it just sits there untouched with no activity. Beyond ridiculous.


Without knowing what or where you ordered, I can guarantee it's ALL coming from CHINA. THAT is the reason why it stays in Compton or Elkridge for over a week.

The item hasn't arrived from CHINA YET.

Do not believe 'ship from USA warehouse' BS. Avoid everything from China UNLESS you know it's coming from there.


You are not the only one. 2 years later and it still takes them over a week to find and ship the items.


I ordered my girlfriend's birthday on Amazon. The seller based out of California I'm in Ohio.

I buy a good amount of stuff on Amazon. The bead for her pandora bracelet been sitting in the Compton ca facility for 2 days no updates. I work in trucking.

We update all of our loads at least once a day. I did not know dhl was the method of shipping otherwise I would of went with another option!


My experience is that DHL holds the package until the time they are supposed to send it. DHL like most private shipping companies will only provide the service paid for.

If you paid for 2-5 business days, they will not release it until 2 business days even if the place is across the street. They didn't used to do this. Years ago I could send for something and receive it the SAME DAY from Compton to Los Angeles. They stop doing that to force people to spend more money.

If ever there is an option for USPS versus some other funky private company, chose USPS.

What you've been told is a lie! Public service is better than private.


I know how you feel (felt? this post is like a year old).

my tracking says exactly that, but it's in Orlando.

I live in south florida but from previous experience it does NOT take 5 days for a *** package to arrive from Orlando to where I live!!!!!!!!! I hate DHL.

New York, New York, United States #858948

Mine is stuck for OVER 5 days (and counting) in New Jersey! Sick!

Orlando, Florida, United States #847533

I ordered an item off of rosegal.com and the seller used DHL for the shipping service, I had never heard of this company before until that moment. They had received a notification for my package on the 17th, finally had the tracking information available on the 25th.

Now it is waiting to be transported to USPS.

I had ordered something from China and I got it less than 2 weeks.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #829847

The DHL Hub in Elkridge, MD is no better. My package has been sitting there ready to pass on to USPS for 5 days now.

I don't think I'm ever going to see it at this rate. And who know if the problem is with DHL or USPS. DHL stays in business by offering extremely low shipping rates that vendors usually pass on to consumers but I'm thinking it's worth it to pay more and actually get the item I ordered.

Uggh. Really frustrating.

to Sweetiesmom #861855

i can guarantee you that the problem is with dhl, not usps...

at least in my area... usps does a great job.

also, when the trcking on dhl website finally says its with usps... my packages always arrive that day

Fair Oaks, California, United States #826017

Same issue, set if headphones listed as "Union City, CA, US

Ready for Transport to USPS" for past 5 days. Union City is a 4 hour drive from my house. Wont be buying from meritline or using dhl to ship anything in the future

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #817264
So far it has taken a week to get my package from the shipper in Washington to a point where they are ready to give it to the USPS in Florida. Once that has happened, it's likely to spend at least 3 more days in transit.

Such speed can only be rivaled by armless people canoeing upstream in a river of molasses.

***, I think rocks have been photographed moving faster than this. :sigh
to Dude Kissimmee, Florida, United States #817753

day 3 of "Ready for Transport to USPS" and counting. Seriously, by now I could have walked there and picked it up. Between using DHL and holding the package yourself and hoping it will evolve and develop the ability to ship itself, waiting for evolution to take place seems to be the smarter and faster choice.

Seminole, Florida, United States #815424
It's been 4 days for me since Saturday. I sent an email to both DHL, and the Amazon seller.

I haven't been contacted by DHL yet (figures), but the Amazon seller said that it takes 5-10 days, and if I don't get it by the 22nd to contact them.

Now I will always ask sellers their shipping service. :(

this is why we pay for next dday!!!! my fokken ram has been sitting "ready" for 3 days!

to Anonymous #844450

Same problem...

Hayward, California, United States #802733

My package has been stuck on "Ready to Transport to USPS" for 7 days now.

I have emailed DHL about it on day 3.

They said it's with USPS, which is an outright lie. They told me to wait another day and then contact the vendor to open an investigation. Then DHL stopped all contact with me whatsoever.

It's just frustrating knowing that the package is literally 2 miles from me (it is stuck in Union City, CA) and i have no way of getting it.

Seems to be the Union City and Compton facilities are run by imbeciles.


Yeah I feel the frustration with you guys I ordered a package from Illinois I live in Ohio... For whatever reason they sent it to Kentucky, which means they pretty much drove past my house or extremely far out of their way.

It's been chilling there since Saturday with the "ready for transport to USPS" nonsense. EVERY other package I've EVER ordered from amazon is here LONG before the 3-5 day limit, except this one which is the closest I've ever ordered from. DHL Global Mail is a trash company and personally I think companies like Amazon should bar their sellers from using them.

In case you ready this on a different day it's now Tuesday which means Saturday (we wont count Sunday) Monday and now Tuesday these jack holes haven't sent my package out to the post office. To any possible future consumers using this mailing service, DON'T DO IT!!!!

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