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I use daily contact lenses and order them normally from Germany.To be send to any country where I am at thatpoint in time.This time I had to ship to Vietnam and choose DHL as courier.It was sent from Frankfurt to Hanoi, Vietnam.Despite an accompanying letter, DHL office in Hanoi is determined to NOT release the shipment with 3 boxes of daily contact lenses, which are urgently needed for personal use.Mr Bach, the officer in charge, is trying to create difficulties for unknown reasons. I have imported contact lenses before in Vietnam with Fedex and UPS and there has never been any problem. I just had to pay the fee and the duty.So, please persuade DHL, Mr Bach, to release these daily lenses asap, as I need it urgently.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Glad your issue was resolved. I enjoy reading a good outcome, Thanks for the update. No thanks to LadyScot & George, some people are just on here to bash consumers because they have a grudge or are disgruntled employees.

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For good order it was the customs officer who held the shipment.

I went to see the customs officer and explained

There is a limit on the import of lenses, 30 pcs whilst the consignment contained 60 pcs,

30 pcs would have lasted me for 2 weeks only as I use dailies.

The had never heard of daily lenses.

DHL could really do nothing and tried to help and convince the officer.

Ha Noi, Dac Lac, Vietnam #638205

And you really think that this will help?? In Vietnam??

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Then you need to check with the customs office to see what has changed. The shipper can not just force them to accept a package they refuse to accept.

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