I ordered some electronic (BGA rework) equipment from China and everything was sent to my uncle in Austria. They were holding my package for 2 weeks, and said that will not return to shipper and they only need proof of payment so my stuff can pass clearance.

I sent invoice in attachment with paypal confirmation screenshot. First number in invoice was sent with UPS from England and already received. Second package containing stuff from number 2 to 22 was sent from china with DHL. It arrived in Austria Monday, January 14, 2013 and was being held for clearance until today January 28th 2013 when they decided they don't have enough information to tax my goods and send back to supplier.

The item from number 1 in invoice is 26kg heavy so it was sent from UK to avoid custom and cheaper transport. Other stuff is sent from China because their weight is just above 1kg. I painted in invoice what was sent from china and what was sent from UK just like they asked and wrote it also in column T so they can see it. I also sent web address for every single item in invoice so they can confirm price of every item and also see pictures of what was in the package.

I sent to them all they asked of me. After more than 10 days of corresponding and sending email with Austrian DHL they told me they will send package back to China because prices do not match and they did not receive information they wanted, WTF!?!. Some prices in invoice don't mach for $0.01 and only 2 items got cheaper in the meantime and instead I payed $35 now they are $29.99 on site. I really don't know where is the problem and why they didn't tax it.

Above all they were rude and not polite at all when I talked to them trying to explain that I sent everything they need and to tax it.

Now the package is being returned back to China, they are soon celebrating New Year so I think I will not see my package again in another month or more. I will never ever use DHL again.

Monetary Loss: $355.

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