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Everytime I find a package is being shipped DHL I cringe because I know it is going to be a horrible experience. So much that I instruct my vendors NOT to use them.

Once they tried to deliver to my place of business 5 times each time coming after our posted working hours. Their system knows our hours! I actually had to go pick it up.

Another time I had to get a replacement phone they shipped it DHL, I told them I would pick it up at the facility because I knew I wouldnt be home.

I get there and they say its out for delivery. It was now 8:00pm I said B.S. they then said the vehicle had broken down come back tomorrow. I said i,m not leaving until I get my package.

I waited till a half hour after lose to get it!

They state one day is a delivery date, and they always lie. I scheduled a day off today to get 3 computers 3 monitors, a server and a 2 printers delivered, and come to find out, it still stuck at another facility!!! WoRsT CoMpAnY EvEr!!!

How do they stay in business!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #18350

Looks like Matt Foley is a DHL lover

Cook, Minnesota, United States #3739

Judging from your grammar, I can see why your having problems.

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