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I have to ask the question. Does it stand for 'Does Have Liars' or 'Delivery?How Long?'

I have been waiting for a package which was dispatched from the UK 12/04/08 and arrived in Barcelona 14/04/08, pretty good going from the UK end.

It arrived at the Granada depot 15/04/08, and that is when the *** hit the windmill. It went out for delivery 16/04/08, then it was reported that there was a problem with the address. I have no idea why that would be, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It went out for delivery later that day and then it was reported 'Undelivered consignee closed' this was at 11.23am ?? Ok so it is being delivered to a house, and there is always someone in and in fact on that day and time there were at least 5 people in the house or outside the house..

Finally the package is sent out for delivery again on 05/05/08, and then they report that the package is delivered 05/05/08 at 21.00..........erm no it was not delivered. I ask for a POD, and oh how strange they cannot provide one. I then ask where the *** is my package, they finally find it 15/05/08. I ask for delivery next day, they tell me yes no problem. LIARS!!

Guess what? still do not have the package, and what sucks most is there depot where they obviously have franchised out the delivery to Pedro and his fecking donkey, is an hours drive down the motorway, and further more I live 600m off that same motorway. I mean how difficult is this???

The said package is for a client, he is now so pissed I very much doubt I will get any further custom from him, and all because DHL are incompetent and tell lies.

Glad I got that off my chest, but I am not finished with DHL yet

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Pinedale, California, United States #14499

DHL Sucks.Don't trust them with your packages.

The will deliver to a home address for an additional fee.

I have many delivery problems with them.Stick to Fed Ex :eek

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