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I was expecting a delivery on Monday 24/1/11, but they tried to deliver on the previous Friday whilst I was out at work. That was ok.

As the card left told me to go on the website for redeliver or collection. I opted to collect although the depot isn't near me. They wouldn't allow me to collect on Saturday. And as I was on holiday the following Tuesday.

The date that was convenient for me was 31/1/11 So out of the dates that DHL gave me to chose from. I chose this one. But when I went to collect it, they had returned it. I told them that, I had agreed with DHL that I would collect it, this day.

They said we have trouble with the emails(although it wasn't an email and I had confirmation). On enquiring how this simple task could go so wrong.

They said "we get it all the time". Their was no reply to that!

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One delivery was due yesterday but now it looks like it'll take another 2 days!! - the other packet has been delivered to the wrong address & they've lost it!

GENIUS!! - never again!

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