The most awful, terrible, horrible service ever. I sent my package to Iran from Vancouver BC.

I was told it would get there in 6 days. After 10 days of not appearing I found out that it was still in custom in Vancouver and nobody even bothered to let me know. then I tried to call them and had to wait for so long and then was passed from one person to another, each asking me to repeat the same information. Then I was told they had no clue why the shipment was on hold and that they investigate and let me know befor the end of the day, which they didn't.

I phoned again the day after and after being through the same maze, I was told that they can't deliever PR card to Iran, but no one had informed me when I was actually sending the document. When I said it was urgent to get the document to destination, I was told that it was held in the custom and there was nothing they could do about it. I had to continue calling them and shouting at them for the entire day before they agreed to contact the custom and sort it out with them. Then they asked me to travel to another city to ppick it up from the custom again.

I had to shout and shout again till they eventually agreed to deliver it to me the day after, even though I had told them that the document was urgently needed so that people could travel with it. Anyway, I was told that I should expect it anytime between 10.00 am to 7.00pm, so I canceled all my appointments and stayed at home for the entire day. and guess what? It was not delivered!

I even phoned them again on the day and asked if it was on delivery (because the tracking system didn't show) anything)and they said that it was! Now I have to call again tomorrow and the same waiting, etc for someone to actually answer and then most probably have to go myself and pick it up form their depot. 4 days alreday wasted and am not even sure when I can get it back. And I am even told the refund of my money would take up to three weeks!

God knows how much trouble I am going to have with them for getting my money back.

I really would like to sue this company. Does anyone have any idea how I can do it?

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