Simple document delivery sent to wrong location and did not follow procedure by getting a signature. Nice practice?????

A..holes! Then customer service cannot retrieve it and wont give me the name the currier so i can get a direct complaint. She goes..no that is not our practice..say what? you allow them to not follow procedures and then butcher up jobs but no you wont allow a direct compliant.

what a bunch of frauds! still covering for their curriers mistake. oh we sent a complaint already......how about firing his *** ***! how about that.

They dont care about procedures then they should not be working at all. lazy and *** is the hiring policy of this company!

Review about: Dhl Customer Care.

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I recently sent two parcels to zimbabwe that i had bought online , the parcel arrived with 5 days and three weeks now the parcel has not been delivered, paid customs plus $25 which they call clearance fee (daylight robbery) its really hard to deal with Dhl , they suck, they should close. Has anyone used any other courier company in zim thats better than Zimbabwe


Amazon and many other companies please stop using DHL for real DHL Sucks.


DHL/Deutsche post are poor.I Order CDs & DVDs from Amazon UK.When they are marked as sent by Royal Mail,no problem.But whem marked as sent by Deutsche Post DHL my heart sinks.One case in point was a CD sent on the 18th January 2011,reported missing 9th February 2011 and got a full refund.Thought nothing of it afterwards until it turned up on the 11th April 2011,84 Days after being sent .I live in Australia so i can only assume it was sent by sea when i paid for Airmail.I am now in the position where another CD sent on the 26th July is overdue.What do they do with their post?Very Poor.

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