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My X-Box broke. I called Microsoft and they instructed me to mail it to them for repair. That was Christmas and was the last i ever saw of it... In February, i was out of town on a short trip. Upon returning home i called to inquire about my repair. Microsoft informed me that it was repaired and already delivered to me. i now had to contact DHL... DHL informed me it was delivered to my house in Feb. They provided to me a copy of the delivery confirmation with a signature...

This is very interesting, because for starters i was in Colorado/out of town on the delivery day. And, i live alone. Therefore, there was no way in the world they delivered the X-Box to the right house (i highly doubt my cat answered the door and signed for it).

To make a long story short, neither DHL nor Microsoft would make this right. ALL i was able to negotiate was 3 games from Microsoft, and i had to go out and spend another $200 of my hard earned money. This was a few years ago. Looking back, i really wish i just sued them both... Merry Christmas from DHL. The "delivery" was on my birthday. Happy Birthday from DHL. So much for customer service...

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