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I recently ordered some things from Apple, and unfortunately 3 were shipped via DHL. Last year I received something from DHL-well, kind of.

The tracking number stated that it was delivered to me, at an address that didn't exist. I tracked down the package-a neighbor 3 doors down had it, yet the address on the package was correct. Knowing this, I was horrified to see Apple had used them.

The items shipped last week from Pennsylvania, and I'm in New York.

One of the packages has been in NJ since 7/3 with an estimated delivery of 7/10. The other has been there since yesterday, with an estimated delivery of 7/12. I could literally WALK to where these packages are, pick them up, run three marathons, and bring them home before this time.

What's the hold up?!?!

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Lets change the name to DNL do not load with them. DHL is sever companies and they don't have the same standards.

DHL Express works fine. DHL Global Mail. does not. I have two packages waiting in my City for two days now.

The tracking says "Ready for Transport to USPS". I guess untill they have atruck full they don't take it to the Post Office where another day will be lost.

the Collector
Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #219104

DHL just stinks. When something goes wrong, it apparently stays wrong, at best for a very long time - maybe for ever

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