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DHL Tracking of 24X24X18 inch 54 LB package from Austin TX to St. Louis, MO:

4/4/2008 Left Austin, TX

4/5/2008 Left Waco, TX Regional Hub

4/8/2008 Transit Thru Kansas City, KS Regional Hub Sort 1:26 AM

4/9/2008 In Transit to Back to Waco, TX Regional Hub 1:00 AM

4/9/2008 Processed Thru Kansas City, KS Regional Hub 8:55 PM

4/10/2008 Arrived St. Louis 6:34 AM

4/10/2008 Delivery - St. Louis, MO 11:37 AM

Took a full 6 days to receive. DHL admitted a routing error caused the delays.

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My parcel has been sitting awaiting "clearance" in the DHL Tokyo depot for 14 days now. Ever so slightly pissed, and will never use DHL again

Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France #20850

Yes, the service is putrid. I expected something from Moscow sent through DHL.

The sender was told it would take 2 days to get here (Japan). Five days later it is still not here. The tracking shows it has been in Japan for 2 days so far.

DHL is blaming the local deliverer (Sagawa Transport), but DHL had the parcel for 3 days. When we complained to DHL Japan they said that they don't guarantee delivery.

What a crappy company.

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #18359

DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!

Jamesville, North Carolina, United States #15072

It really does stink! They delivered my package once and when I called them to schedule a delivery, no one answers the phone.

For some *** reason the tracking said that the package was awaiting pick up (WTH?!) and now it's shipped back to their hub in Ohio or something.

I hate DHL.

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