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DHL Tracking for 24X24X18 inch 54 Lb Package from Austin, TX to Saint Louis, MO.


4/4/2008 Left Austin, TX

4/5/2008 Left Waco, TX Regional Hub

4/8/2008 Kansas City, KS Regional Hub Sort

4/9/2008 In Transit to Waco, TX Regional Hub!!!!!!!!

4/10/2008 Who Knows?????????

Stay Posted for further Updates...........

I ship and receive large parcels on a regular basis and have learned that USPS-ground and DHL-ground are the worst carriers. This is not the first time I have had trouble with DHL.

From now on, I will not do business with firms who use DHL as their carrier.

If you want fast, reliable, professional service, go with Fedex or UPS. I use Fedex whenever I can.

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