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Chronology of my trouble ´served´ by DHL Express Portugal:

22 May 2012, Tuesday

At 8.26am my personal affects shipment N 6036448504 arrived from Dubai to Lisbon Airport. Afternoon i called to DHL with request of necessary for custom clearance documents. DHL employe said i will be contact durinbg nearest time and i spelled my e-mail address to her for they could send me essential information.

23 May 2012, Wednesday

At 17.55 i received phone call from Manuela Vaz Costa, DHL Customs Support, which said that my e-mail was written incorrect and they cannot send me information. I was out of home at this time and right on my return at 20.57 i have sent to DHL e-mail with my e-mail address.

24 May 2012, Thursday

DHL didnt contact me and didn´t send any information.

25 May 2012, Friday

At 12.10 i received e-mail from Manuela Vaz Costa with list of documents and other information which already mentioned that i will be charged for their service and storage, despite in Dubai it was paid already door-to-door delivery, only the custom duty is my responsability to pay. There was not explained at all the terms and conditions, or at least after which day i will become responsible to pay any other fees.

In the list of documents for the custom clearance was required residence certificate issied by local municiral administration for which i applied immediately at the same day and which i could receive only on the 29 May 2012, Tuesday.

26-27 May 2012, Saturday/Sunday

Days off.

28 May 2012, Monday

I am waiting for Residence certificate.

29 May 2012, Tuesday

At morning the kit of required documents has submitted to DHL office and accepted as correct. The DHL employee informed me it will take 2-3 days for the custom clearance and shipment will be delivered to my door.

30 May 2012, Wednesday

No any contacts and information from DHL.

31 May 2012, Thursday

No any contacts and information from DHL

1 June 2012, Friday

DHL called to inform that process is going well, just necessary to wait a bit.

2-3 June 2012, Saturday/Sunday

No any contacts and information from DHL

4 June 2012, Monday

No any contacts and information from DHL

5 June 2012, Tuesday

I called to DHL to find out if there is any problem with my shipment or it´is necessary some additional documents. The DHL employee reassured me that everything is fine, no more any documents required, the process of custom clearance takes some time and probably in 2-3 days i will receive my shipment.

6 June 2012, Wednesday

No any contacts and information from DHL

7 June 2012, Thursday

No any contacts and information from DHL

8 June 2012, Friday

At 15.47 i received call from DHL employee Goncalo Coto which informed me that the custom required my employee certificate. Why only 8 of June it has appeared this information, when all terms of delivery to my door already expired?!

I have contacted immediately my company and on the 10 June 2012, Sunday requested document was provided to DHL.

9,10 June 2012, Saturday/Sunday

No any contacts and information from DHL

11 June 2012, Monday

Goncalo Coto has confirmed that my employee certicate received and the custom clearance will be proceed ASAP.

12 June 2012, Tuesday

No any contacts and information from DHL

13 June 2012, Wednesday

No any contacts and information from DHL

14 June 2012, Thursday

At 12.30 i sent complain to DHL and got respond from Pedro Nunes, DHL Customer Service Director PT and Isabel Limao, DHL Customer Service Advisor with promices that now they really will do the best to deliver my shipment to me. On the phone conversation with my husband Isabel Limao promised and confirmed twice that all out of term fees will be paid by DHL and not by me.

15 June 2012, Friday

At 16.23 i got a call from DHL employee Maria Oliveira, which informed me that my shipment is ready to be delivered but I have to pay 918,92€.

- Why I have to pay so big amount? - was my reasonable question.

- It's because your shipment is big, it has 175kg in 11 boxes,- was answer.

- But it's shipment of my used personal affects, why should I pay almost 1000€ for that!?

- All this amount is fees of custom, there is nothing for DHL. By law the custom charges fees for everything what crossed border of Portugal, doesn't matter it's used personal affects or products for business! Your shipment has value 1703 and from this amount the custom made calculation how much you should pay, - informed me Maria,

- Should I pay 200% fees?! The value of my shipment is 1703 AED, what is equal approximately to 400€!

- Yes, yes, that's what I told you! It´s how the custom makes calculation!

It was clear that she unable to give any competent and professional answer about nature of this amount. She lied and cheated me without any shame, expecting that I don't know the Portuguese custom rules and trying to hide the real reason of appearence such a huge bill..

When on delivery, only after payment, I eventually received Factura DHL Express N L6464(see attached copy), - what a surprise, I didn't believe my eyes:

I was charged twice for storage of my shipment in airport and for DHL service which already paid by my company in Dubai.

At the same day i sent second complain to DHL.

18 June 2012, Monday

I have visited the airport custom where was explained that the custom charged 260,62 Euros applied because DHL submetted documents for clearance as out of term. All the rest charges 535,20 Euros are charges of DHL only, not any custom duty. It proves that DHL lied to mee all this time, intentionally postpone clearence in purpose to charge me as much as possible without any limit!

At 14.44 i got a call from Pedro Nunes, DHL Customer Service Director PT. He occused me that i submitted necessary for custom clearance documents with 1 day delay and for this reason proposed me to split the bill i payed 50/50!

20 June 2012, Wednesday

At 14.30 i had personal meeting with Pedro Nunes, DHL Customer Service PT and Isabel Limao, DHL Customer Service Advisor. Isabel Limao tried to refuse her responsibility about information she gave me relatieve to paiment of storage, she said it was her mistake. Pedro Nunes has admited that amount 483.45 Euro is paiment for DHL storage and 51.75 Euro is charges for DHL assistance in the custom clearance process. Why i wasnt informed about this charges, what is the formula they were calculated, where is this misterious storage which by price i paid should be golden and to whom it belongs, why you charge DHL service which has included in door-to-door freight service and already payed by my company in Dubai, - for this questions they didn´t have answers. Only lie without any shame and empty pathetic sentences about exellent service DHL provides to the customers. Finaly Pedro Nunes said he will evaluate once more the bill and will contact me with the final amount to be charged.

Till present moment i was not contacted yet.

Resuming my experience: Lie, cheating, incompetence, improfessionalism, scam on the border with crime from beginning till end.

Avoid to use DHL under any circumstances, it´s DANGEROUS for health and pocket!

Monetary Loss: $918.

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