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DHL's tracking site stated they left a package at my front door.I was home the entire day in question and never saw DHL once.

FedEx seemed to deliver a package to my brother that same day with no problem. After playing phone tag with customer service at DHL, it turned out that the *** driver delivered it to the wrong address. And then when he tried to retrieve it, he failed at that too! In this day and age, how does a delivery service of all services get an address wrong???

Also, when I had raised the issue with a customer service representative from 1-800-CALL-DHL, the representative was very cold and sounded as though it was a normal occurrence that their drivers deliver packages to the wrong address.

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My intent was to insult DHL's drivers.I did not think that I would insult any mentally challenged individuals and I would never call a mentally challenged person that word.

And I don't think I have as my target was DHL. But it appears that I've caused a caring person to recall a time when a child of this condition was insulted. And for this I am sorry.

Please accept my apologies and I will make an effort to discontinue using the word in any context.I don't want to make people feel sad.

Furnas, Azores, Portugal #51052

Please refrain from using the word "retarded" as an insult that is both rude and cruel to those people who happen to be retarded..they are not ***...have you ever seen tears in the eyes of a mentally challenged child or adult who has heard that word being thrown around as an insult??Have you ever had to convince a mentally impaired person he or she is not *** because some *** chose to use the word "retarded" as an insult?

I have and it would break your heart, but only if you have one!:sigh

to littlebit #1381799


Baldwin, New York, United States #12503

haha, you don't happen to be in upstate NY do you?

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