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Hello All,

I like to share my experience with DHL with all of you out there.

On Oct 14, I went to one of the DHL offices in Austin/Texas to ship

a document to Ottawa/Canada. They charged me $37.74 and

promissed to deliver the document in 24 hours.

After shiping I went to their web site for several times and there was

no track history of the shipment. Eventally I called the customer

service and it turned out that they update their database at night !

On Oct 15, I looked at the track history and noticed that the

document is arrived at Ottawa and then shipped back to Toronto.

I was so surprised. I called them again and they were quite rude

to me and they did not answer my question why a document which

is a few Km away from its destination, is shipped back to Toronto

which is about 400Km away. They said the money I paid to them

is only good enough for 48 hours delivery.

I used DHL because it was close to my office but this wont happen

again. Normally I use FedEx. Now I am convinced that FedEx is

the best for follwing reasons.

1) When you deliver your package, it gets into their system right

away and it does not take 12 hours.

2) They charge less amount of money then DHL and they deliver

next day before Noon if you ship before 4:00 PM.

3) Their customer service treat you well.

Regards, Reza

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