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First off, I would like to state that I live in a gated community, and to be more specific, I live right in front, by the only entrance in my community. I have been waiting for a package over 4 days now (which was suppose to take 2-3 business days) and on the day of the actual delivery instead of the delivery guy: calling me, blowing his horn or even attempting to enter the building to deliver my package, he noted on my account "recipient refused delivery" and left.

What frustrates me the most is that I have had numerous deliveries from Fed Ex and UPS in which they have had no problem getting to my door, even if I was not there.

I have even been looking out for DHL since 8am when I woke up, and now I have to wait for the driver to finish his shift then pick up my package from the local office all because their delivery boy was too lazy to get out of his truck. I just knew I was paying extra for a convenient home delivery but I see I will have to stick to Fed Ex and UPS from now on.

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