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My mother paid well over $200 to send a birthday present package to me while I was studying abroad in Argentina. She paid (more) to have it sent directly to my house in Córdoba.

When it arrived in Buenos Aires, I got a call saying it was stuck at customs and I would have to go get it. This wasn't something I was able to do, so we looked into other options. They told me that I would have to pay 1676 pesos (about $400 USD) to have it sent from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. They told my mother that she would have to pay $1000 USD to have it shipped back to Texas. They also represented to her that there was no way at all to have it sent to Cordoba.

Not only did they not do what they were paid for, but they wanted to charge us more for them to finish the job. They tell us that it is the fault of another company in Argentina that they work with. DHL is a company just like any other, they shouldn't accept money in exchange for a job they cannot or will not do and. We should be refunded and have the package returned for free, not asked to pay more. But they keep saying they cannot do that. (Our source/ the contact that told us all of this is 011-4630-1100 int. 5215)

For my birthday, DHL robbed my family.

My time in Cordoba ended, and I am no longer in Argentina. The package has been in Buenos Aires since June 18th and is still there. We will be suing DHL for the cost of the shipping and goods in the package. We will not be using DHL again ever, for anything.

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