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Dear DHL Saudi Arabia

I am Dr. Rasha Egyptian living in KSA. regarding my shipment (2488341984) that i have sent from Saudi Arabia to The Royal College in London UK on the 21 of March 2010 and till that very day it didn't reach its destination, not even been sent back. That shipment contained an application for sitting the exam of the 1 st FRCR, a copy of my passport and a cheque for the Royal College. Unfortunately I decided to send it through this service rather than ordinary post because the closing date of receiving application was on the 26th of march 2010

The examination office told me it's my responsiblity to check before the closing date and I trusted my courier service. And now i tried informing the service here in Saudi Arabia on the 11th of April and they told me that the shipment reached London on the 23rd of March. I e-mailed the DHL UK they replied it's not their responsiblity.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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