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I got notice from an overseas company in China that my shipment left on Tuesday evening - and I received tracking

Then I tracked and tracked - to my utter shock and happiness, it was in American by Thursday evening! I was so excited!

I told my mother to stay at her home on Friday since it was being delivered there. And somehow, no on ever rang the doorbell or knocked loudly enough for someone to hear

So my husband called DHL and spoke with a rep - the rep said we could come pick up the package between 6 and 7 pm. HOWEVER, their hub is over an hour away and I don't get home from work until 6:40 pm. So we called again and spoke with a lady who said she could probably get it on a truck out that evening since their driver made the mistake. We would get a phone call from a manager called "Richard" within an hour.

An hour passes and no Richard calls. So once again, we call DHL - and we have to track Richard down. Low and behold - all the drivers have gone home. "so sorry - blah blah blah"

Then, he promises we are the FIRST delivery for Monday. I check the tracking all weekend and all morning today, Monday. I call my husband and tell him to contact DHL since there has been no update since the one from Friday saying "recipient not home". So he calls their customer service again. This time he spend 1.75 hours on the phone with some women who HALFWAY through, updates the website. Literally, right in front my eyes - while I'm at work I refresh the tracking page and one minute the latest news was:

18 Delivery attempted; recipient not home Houston, TX - USA 11:00

Then, three minutes later it says:

19 Awaiting collection by recipient as requested Houston, TX - USA 18:50

And then NOTHING else -

Today, they tell us that someone told them to hold my package instead of deliver it. WTF?!?! So at 2 pm we tell them to get it on a truck and deliver it now. Apparently that's out of the question... but why would the lady from Friday suggest putting it on a truck at 7pm on Friday, but it's out of the question at 2pm on Monday?

So now they tell me AGAIN, that we will be the first delivery tomorrow.

My main question is, why does it only take 2 days for a package to get from China to Houston, unharmed and no problem? And why does it take more than 2 days for a package to be delivered WITHIN Houston?

From now on, I will ALWAYS choose either UPS or FedEx - and the companies I buy from will offer those options

OR I'll just take my business elsewhere

This has been too miserable of an experience - I want no more of it!

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