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DHL has been unable to trace a $17,000 package of antiques. Their tracking website has shown it as being "in the air from Germany to the USA" for 9 days. Apparently this doesn't seem odd to them. DHL has no record of giving the package over to US Customs or the USPS, and neither US Customs nor the US Post Office has any record of receiving the package. I've tried to get a response from their on-line package tracking email system; absolutely no response. So I called the US "help" line. After 45 minutes of "please hold" and being passed around, I was told that no US employee was allowed to answer questions about missing packages from Germany. So they gave me a phone number in Germany. "just keep punching in "33" for an English speaking employee". Yeah, like that works.

In my experience, all shippers occasionally mess up. Most will try to find a package that's gone astray. I've never before dealt with a shipper that simply doesn't care about a mess-up. If one can believe the on-line posts and what DHL employees tell me, DHL simply has no systems or procedures for tracing & retrieving lost packages, and apparently absolutely no customer care employees at all.

Use them at your peril. I was charged $650 for "premium service" on a 15 lb. package. Total loss.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Oh Yeah, Germans will continue to use and get ripped off by companies like DHL because they are still nationalists and only support German and accept it when other Germans treat them like dogs because Germans are doing it. Deutsche Post and DHL are exemplifying that case. Germans won't complain because it's good for Germany to keep such things quiet and kill UPS.


Well, your frustration is understood. I live in Germany, though as an American, and it bothers me to no end how customer service doesn't exist here and inefficiencies reign in every field.

DHL is no exception. They've held a package of mine at their Bielefeld depot, with zero information, no updates, and promises to call us back. Of course, no calls back. The company who shipped is relatively not helpful, first response being the weather.

So the entire country shuts down over a tiny bit of snow? I've also been told that this particular depot had something of a blueflu, where the drivers simply called in sick to avoid the weather or possibly add more holiday time. Whatever it is, at the least DHL could give us an honest answer, rather than being typical lying Germans, without a care in the world or a fear of being fired for lack of performance. Sadly, this is reflective of how Germany works as a whole.

I'm also waiting on time sensitive documents, same issue, no expected delivery date, and I'm regardless somehow still responsible for the content on the documents, despite not receiving them? I told the sender this and like a robot, they simply kept repeating the same thing, that even though my docs are not here, and won't be released from the depot, I somehow am responsible for signing these make-believe documents by their due date. Yet for the other packages I'm told to be patient?

This country is a disaster.

Just people should stop doing business with them, since they hate anglos so much. The post can't even ship in a timely fashion from 200 miles away, so you're surprised about a lost shipment?

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