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I needed DHL to send a very time sensitive document to me in India from the US.They said it would take 3 days to get here, instead they accidentally sent it Venezuela.

The address was written down perfectly and apparently someone messed up the country code. It should have been here three days ago and it is still in Venezuela. This delay will end up costing me at least $1,000 if not more. I'm f*cking furious with this company and I will never ever use them again.

Total incompetence, idiocy, and apathy on the part of DHL.

If you would like your package to be delivered on time and to the correct country then you better pick a different courier.

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DHL is Horrible...I wanted to send some biological samples from Asia to Europe and DHL sent the samples over a long weekend to Europe which ended the samples getting spoiled. This company is so careless and horrible.

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