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I needed to send an envelope, nothing major, just a simple envelope from Jakarta to the US. I went to the DHL office, payed the costs in cash and got my receipt.

I then proceeded to track the package online. It left Jakarta and arrived in Hong Kong. It went from Hong Kong to Cincinnati. I figured everything was going well. I wanted to track it all the way to its delivery point but then I began to notice that the package was spending an awful lot of time in Cincinnati. I've been to Cincinnati and I wouldn't spend as much time there as this package was.

I finally emailed the recipient (my sister) and gave her the tracking information and a number that she could call in the US.

It turns out that the tracking number is all but useless. They told her that the tracking number doesn't keep track of the actual package, but the shipment (in this case from Hong Kong to the US). The shipment arrived in Cincinnati, but that doesn't mean that the actual package did.

They figured it was probably hung up in the Department of Homeland Security, but they would continue to look for it.

This was in May.

In late June, my sister received another call from DHL. They told her that they now doubt it was held up in the Department of Homeland Security, but they were still looking for it.

It's now the middle of July. No package. No word. No clue.

I re-sent the paperwork (package) on Friday (July 13) using FedEx. I think it was even less-expensive to use FedEx.

Do not use DHL. It is an irresponsible company, and its workers obviously don't care about what happens to its customers, or their belongings. I figure by now that the package was stolen in Jakarta or Hong Kong, which means DHL does nothing to safeguard its customers' shipments.

A few weeks prior, I had received a package from the US with DHL as the carrier. My only conclusion is that anything bound for the US is a target for thieves who work for the company. They must figure that if it's going to the US, it must have some value, so it's got to be worth stealing.

Thanks for nothing, DHL.

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