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Yes when i send the JVC Camera the memory card was inside and when i got returned the parcel again from brasil to india, the memory card slot was kept separate and they took the accesories and Camera

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Hello Sir/Madam

Again and Again I am writing this email , still no actions were taken by DHL INDIA,

the tracking Number: 7435954223

I have sent four items in a single Package from DHL Agency Chennai to Sao paulo, Brasil Last month, One Kodak digital camera ,Camera Pouch, Ladies Hair clips And Handy Camera JVC with JVC accessories but when it reached DHL BRASIL agency mentioned as its Used material , so my son in brasil not able to receive the products and its returned due to laws in brasil , brasil won't allow used materials, and last month from SAO PAULO the parcel sent back to Chennai again, On Jan 11th I paid again and got the products, when I opened the products I did not see our item JVC camera and its Accessories, other items were there I want you to take a VERY SERIOUS ACTION for this Service, I want our Products again the Missing JVC handy Camera..


1)First Problem: I Attached JVC MEMORY CARD AND CHIP inside the camera while sending from Chennai - when i received again, some one took the Memory Card and kept in small piece of memory card slot, so some one took the memory card and checked the items - Definitely 100% done by DHL Agency

2) Second problem: The JVC and other items nothing is Old or USED items, all were Newly Brand new items and DHL CHENNAI MENTIONED as USED MATERIALS When they sent it to Brasil DHL - so its a mistake done by DHL CHENNAI

3) Third Problem, some one called me last week, and mentioned the camera contains, Pics inside, its a 100% lie, we never opened and used and never charged the camera also, how the pictures will be inside the Camera, so its another lies said by DHL INDIA

4) Fourth Problem , some one called me and said that they are going to give compensation, i won't agree , I need justice, I need only our Camera, The camera worth Rs: 40,000 (FORTY THOUSAND RUPEES)


5) My son(Earnest Fantin) living in brasil contacted in Sao paulo and Brasil DHL airport, they clearly emailed and confirmed to my son, see the below email From agent Luciana(brasilian)

Hi Mr Ernest!

Our staff in Gatewaychecked your request and replied us that this shipment was not inspected physically in Brazil,shipment arrived in Braziland returned with the same weight, shipment was not opened, nothing wasremoved. The information that the material inside was "˜used' wasdeclared on the documents (wb and Commercial Invoice) so it was not necessaryinspect the shipment, the Brazilian customs have returned to origin withoutphysically inspection. The camera is not at GRU GTW(gateway).

We ended the search in Brazil land I ask that you wait for information from DHL India.

Best regards,

Luciana Dianno

Suporte Especializado em Rastreamento

DHL Express (Brazil) Ltda

Fone: 55 (11) 3618 3200

Fax: 55 (11) 3618 3449

Toll Free: 0800 771 3451

6) Account Tracking Number: 7435954223 and also i have attached the proof sent from chennai and received from Brasil Invoice also with this email for your clear information

7) When i checked the invoice from brasil , the Kilo gram is missing and they did not receive the full products it seems, so the problem happened only in Indian Side, and Brasil confirmed to check with DHL INDIA

8) I waited for more than 1 month, still no actions were taken, I need justice , otherwise i need to Go to High court, to put a Legal CAse against DHL CHENNAI AGENCY or I will go to Consumer court to get my products, these are the steps atleast i can take, I do not want any compensation, My son already gave complaited to DHL GERMAN Head office, and they are going to investigate in DHL CHennai

how this careless things happen, and how clients will trust to send items around the world,

I am working in Central Government in Important Place, so i am ready to put action against DHL INDIA , Its irresponsible done by DHL , i need to take a severe actions for this Forgery by stealing the particular JVC HANDY CAMERA AND ACCESSORIES It's all our waste of money, then how can we trust your Service, We need the products as soon as possible, thank you Again

Thank you

Antony Fernandez

Mobile: 9443881285

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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