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DHL are the most incompetent company I have had to deal with. With specific instructions to telephone a mobile ( on 3 separate phone calls) as there is no access to get in to the building, they are not able to do this little but essential request. A parcel I needed in order to make a printing date in China, 3 cab fares to get back to my premises in time, and me losing a half day's work in order to be here to receive the parcel.

DHL response on telephone: The request to call the mobile number was 'only a request', it was not written 'Urgent' on there. And we at DHL cannot guarantee that our driver's have mobile phones. And, we cannot call them after 4pm in the day.. IF they had a mobile. What kind of "EXPRESS' professional delivery company has driver's that don't have mobile phones!!!>>>???, wouldn't you think if they are running an EXPRESS company, that means, you need mobile phones to deliver urgent parcels??? And a request to change the delivery address.. even though also in the city area, means the parcel is delayed yet another day.

I wish another company would open up and run a much more flexible and professional business and boot these guys out. What a waste of incompetence!

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“Why am I Pissed” well I went to DHL (*** How’d we Lose it) to mail out my nomination packet for Embassy duty. You can’t track US Postal from here and you can with the Dumb Hopeless Losers and this was my first time using them so I sent the packet.

It took 12 days, went through 5 different countries. The longest it’s taken a package coming and going to the states via USPS 8 days’ at the most. Twice the dumb *** delivery guy was showing up after 1630hrs (sorry that’s 4:30pm for you non 24hr people) to a government building to deliver the package; and when he did deliver it, it wasn’t signed for by the person I sent it to it was some other guy he didn’t know; now (you guessed it) it’s missing. Why am I PISSED and going to kill someone when I get back?

Inside the packet is mine and my wife’s life histories, our SSN’s, health records, family photos, my military records, my wife’s resume, our FBI fingerprint cards and documents pertain to our Top Secret \Secret Security Clearances.

If they don’t find it by Tuesday, I’m calling the CID and then a lawyer. I will never use the Dishonest Half-baked Liars (DHL) again.

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