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I had requested delivery on Friday so that my girlfriend could take the day off to pick up the package. She had called about it too and was informed that it would be delivered on that day.

On Friday, she called them again and was told that it would indeed be delivered that day. Since I noticed that the website tracking information did not reflect this, I called them and was told that it would not be delivered that day after all and that they had already attempted delivery before that time when nobody was at home.

We were mis-informed four times in a row and we wasted a whole day waiting for this package

Monetary Loss: $1080.

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I have had nothing but bad experiences w/DHL. I've taken to personal days from work on two diff't occassions and both were wasted b/c the package was not delivered.

Unfortunately the govt. docs that I need from Canada are always sent through DHL.

Customer Service is always unhelpful and the delivery service is the worst I've ever experienced. I hope the company goes out of business

Smethport, Pennsylvania, United States #16415

DHL is the WORST delivery service! They tried delivering my package on a Thursday when I wasn't home, and assured my that it would be deliver Friday the next day.

I took the day off so I could get it, and it NEVER came, and I couldn't call customer service because they closed so early. I had to wait until Monday to call them, and they couldn't find my package but assured me it would be sent out Tuesday.

I took Tuesday off, and they STILL are claiming they can't find it!

DHL is beyond HORRIBLE!!!!!

And I STILL don't have my package! I'm hoping I can pick it up because these morons can't deliver.

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