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DHL left a note on our door that we missed a delivery. (My sister sent 4 Xmas presents.) Please sign note and we'll leave at the door.

We signed. 3 days later, no package. Called to track - oh they left it the next day. WHAT?

Where? When? Well it appears that they left right in front of the door of our CORNER home facing a busy intersection. We've never had a problem before with deliveries.

UPS, FEDEX, USPS. They all place the package behind the potted plant or the little patio table. NOT DHL. They actually hung up on us after they said they were not responsible for anything after they dropped the package at the door.

NEVER use DHL again. Jerks. NEVER use them again, for anything! GRINCHES.

Thanks for losing my grandma's, mom's, sister's & my Xmas gifts. Did I mention they are JERKS?

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #231197

DHL laid off thousands of experienced , customer service orientated drivers in 2008 and some how thought it wise to keep the dregs left in the system and hire a bunch of drooling idiots to fill the gaps. Problem is DHL is so intent on saving money to try and hang on to their dwindling tiny corner of the shipping market that they cut corners in their most important asset :drivers.

Now they will hire a chimpanzee to drive as long as it shows up to work and manages to come back to the station each day with an emptied delivery van.

DHL is still on the decline quietly shutting stations all over Europe while they hope that the US has forgotten how they have treated the original legacy DHL drivers & the Airborne Express merger drivers. We in the USA need to quit enabling this pariah of the shipping industry with our patronage and let it wither away ,failed & forgotten.

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