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We decided to use DHL as a business in order to offer our international customers great savings on shipping. We switched from USPS to DHL and we have had more packages disappear in 1 month that we have had in 2 years with USPS.

DO NOT EVER USE THIS SERVICE!! They rip you off, they don't care to help you, they lose your packages, they send them to the wrong countries and then they tell you that it isn't worth it to them to reroute the package.

SCAM ARTISTS DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DHL!!!! They promise you the world when they do a sales presentation and then it turns out that everything that they say is a complete lie and then they tell you that you may have misunderstood what they were talking about (eventhough three people in the meeting heard the same exact thing and you have it in writing) BEWARE OF DHL GLOBAL MAIL IT WILL BE THE DEMISE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Worst freight company ever - and some real weird policies. One of my parcels sat in their depot less than half a mile from me for 3 days marked - not due for delivery. Say what????


I agree. DHL is so slow and definitely the worst carrier.


I ordered a package from Amazon and the seller used DHL. This was my first time getting anything from them and will be the last.

I was told by them that my package was scheduled to be delivered yesterday. Even after calling customer service they informed me it was on the truck and on it's way by 9:00pm. When 9:00pm came and no delivery, I called them back again and was told that due to heavy volume of deliveries my package had not, in fact, been loaded on the truck. So basically I was lied to when I was told it would be delivered.

At this point who knows if my package will even come. I looked them up online and found horror story after horror story about their lousy service. The YELP page I saw had nothing but negative reviews, and even the 2 "good" ones still complained about their packages not being delivered on time.

The next time I order anything online i'll inquire with the seller if they use DHL, and if they do then I won't be purchasing from them! What a joke!

West Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1329485

I agree 100 percent. I ordered something on Amazon which had free shipping.

It was shipped from Boston to Ohio. which is an easy 2 day trip(even with traffic). IT'S SAYING IT WILL TAKE A WEEK.

Now I'm a trucker. if they can't run that in 2 days they don't need to be in logistics

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada #1214856

I can't stand them. I ordered a package from the U.S.

(I'm in Canada), and chose the cheapest shipping option. I was in no rush to get the package. It was supposed to be $7 plus whatever duty fees/taxes. Their fastest option was $17 + $5 for duty.

Well low and behold.

They decided to upgrade me from economy, to express shipping without my consent. Then they hit me with an additional $10 "service charge".

So yes, the $7 economy shipping, plus $10 "service charge", and the $5 in duty equaled up to their express shipping charge.

Fortunately, I got enough of my supplements to last me over a year. But I am avoiding these crooks for as long as I possibly can.

Salina, Kansas, United States #1182437

Terrible service! My package from CA.

still hasn't arrived. Finally got an email update, package was misshipped, twice!


If you were using DHL global mail, then you must know that they only sort the packages to hand over to the postal service. was your package lost before or after it was tendered to USPS.

I use DHL global because it is cost efficient, however, I know that once a package is handed off to USPS it is no longer DHL's issue. contact your postal inspector

to Anonymous #1163743

Still, it's clear that the process isn't working. I've had much better luck with regular USPS service.

Not so great when DHL gets involved. Every time the suck-factor goes up a lot. I recently ordered two items on the same day (almost 2 weeks ago); one from China and one from California.

The item from China arrived yesterday. The item from California (DHL Global Mail) still isn't here; sitting in GA somewhere.

Grants Pass, Oregon, United States #918326

Yep, they get my vote for highest suck points in a carrier. Ordered something from NJ 14 days ago, got a confirmation/tracking number the same day that DHL Global Mail had the item.

It JUST left NJ, yesterday, so it sat on a shelf or in a bin for 13 days. DHL Global Mail stinks.


We are a small family owned office supply business and decided to switch from USPS to DHL to save a little money. It turned out to be the worst decision of my life.

Not only are packages missing, customers have been receiving their deliveries and surprised to find empty boxes with no merchandise inside!! I've had 3 customers complain about this problem this week alone.

They are the worst! I'm switching back to USPS.

San Rafael, California, United States #673462

I am currently awaiting two separate packages from Europe by DHL Global Mail. Both were shipped 3 weeks ago and I was given tracking numbers.

DHL's tracking page still shows nothing whatsoever for either one. They simply aren't in the system.

At this point I have no clue when or if they'll ever appear. I know for a fact the packages were handed over, but DHL currently acts as if they never got them.

Los Angeles, California, United States #638468

I accidentally clicked on "***" because I thought it was a link and I wad surprised to see that anyone would defend the *** carrier company, my package has been "shipping" for weeks with no update and their halfassed website is of no help at all! I just wanted to clarify that one of the "bs"is Myne and an accident I just don't know *** to take it off. :p :p :?


I hate DHL

They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Their staff are uncooperate and repeatadly fail to do as they promise.

I am writing to their CEO - how can they be so successful it is a mystery to me???


Same thing is happening to me ...DHL GLOBAL Mail is THE WORST SERVICE ... Packages allegedly delivered and in the wrong country wtf?

and the tracking system is nonsense ...

when you see it going wrong and you instruct them ...

NO one confirms or helps! The worse!!


Same thing is happening to me ...DHL GLOBAL Mail is THE WORST SERVICE ... Packages allegedly delivered and in the wrong country wtf?

and the tracking system is nonsense ...

when you see it going wrong and you instruct them ...

NO one confirms or helps! The worse!!

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