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I am receiving document parcels through DHL from my partners ; DHL claimed a fee for the documents parcel stating that it is for the custom clearance! This is not accepted for the following reasons:

1- The sender is unaware that the documents will be charged again at the destination "he paid for D2D service"

2- All other express mail companies in Syria do not charge us for similar mails.

3- Claimed fees do not stand on official custom clearance fees, thus they can easily claim higher and higher fees upon the receiver compliance.

4- express Documents are not cargo, and according to the price lists and fees paid upon sending, it is assumed “even clearly stated” that the documents will reach the destination hand without any extra fee.

All above could be seen as DHL is seizing unduly our need for the documents that they have in their hands to make extra profit.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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