Ordered a package using DHL "Express" delivery. Cost a lot, but I assumed it would be... well, in some way related to the word Express.. right?

First it gets stuck in Germany due to public holiday.

Next they finally get it sent to Sweden, and try delivering it to me on Thursday (27th December).

When I happen to be out just when they arrive, they are unable/unwilling to deliver the package until the following Wednesday (January 2, 2013)!

So I obviously complain about this, "Express" and all...

So on Friday (28th December) DHL sends me an email notification that the package graciously is "Out for delivery".

However, that turns out to be a blantant lie! I'll just have to accept the fact that I have to wait nearly another week for the package.

Which leaves me wondering:

-What exactly was I paying premium prices for?

-Where did the "Express" part enter the equation?

DHL is without a doubt the worst "logistics" company I have ever experienced!

A lying, incompetent company that could care less about their customers.

Use another company, that is serious (if such exist), or just use regular mail instead. In the end it will probably be as fast/faster than DHL, and at a fraction of the cost!

Phew, what a crock DHL is!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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