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In 2006 we purchased a $200.00 item and it was shipped dhl........ Never delivered.

Filed many complaints..... even had tracking number.....still no luck. In return for them loosing our $200.00 item they sent us two free air-letter carriers..................

Now March 2008.

Caught driver in a pure lie. Said he attempted delivery to the business and they were closed. Will attempt delivery on next business day. I LIVE IN A HOUSE you ***!

My house has no open or closed sign! So next day.............. how many attempts were made for delivery NONE........I also live on a dead-end street I would have noticed your big *** yellow colored truck..............Why is it that Fed Ex can deliver with no problem.......*** the mailman makes in the snow and rain and sleet.

But your pansy *** must melt in the rain.........DHL sucks!

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #128945

DHL will continue to lose customers in small batches despite what the commissioned sales clowns in the office will admitto publicly. If you want your pkg to get anywhere without being damaged, lost, pilfered, stolen or delayed beyond common sense , use FEDEX and UPS , or BE SORRY!


im so pissed off now that im writing, hoping more ppl how bad dhl is. ive a parcel, delivered three days late, assuming is a public holiday over here in melb, im alright.

n de worst thing ive class everyday from 9 till 5, so how on earth can i collect it other than out of office hours. 9 am is too early, if i skip the morning class, or 4pm if i skip the other, just to get a parcel, is too late?!!! what is wrong with them, i stay at city, and the office is in north melbourne, not too far away.

they dont care, they pretend to find a solution which is not helping at all, and make them sound like they are "trying" and me like an *** unreasonable customer. and guess what, they are asking me to collect it myself in their office, ive no idea how to get there since im not local here, and at the 1st place, why should i even collect it myself when this is a delivery service, yet they charge so much, im really pissed and disappointed, for anyone reading this, think twice before choosing dhl, ive made a mistake!

Oketo, Kansas, United States #33553

They sure are. I work in a jod where they deliver several times a week.

we have 15 buildings they stop at. The packages are always jacked up, they walk in toss the parcel on the front desk and leave, no greeting no signature no nothing. funny thing is about 30-50% of the time the parcels have a different address and don't even belong to our company or even in the area.When someone calls to inform them that they have delivered to the wrong address they say why did you sigh for it, we relate the abouve to them, they can never say who signed for it (driver scribble I assume) So poor customer service, unreliable service, poor care of your parcels and generally *** poor jerkwads are what DHL represents to me.

And I will not even go into the *** that occurs when you try to call to complain about a driver. (50 plus complaints that I know of, and the same driver for over 3 years, and I am sure I am not the only place that has complained of him.


Much the same story. Driver lied about leaving a card and didn't bother as any delivery to us would take him off his normal route and take time and effort.

There is always someone in and we have dogs that bark if anyone drives past and they run to the gate when a anyone stops here.

So far waiting 3 weeks for delivery and item has been sat in depot 26 miles away for most of that time.


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