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I return from my holiday in early January to discover a DHL Yellow Notice on my door claiming they attempted to deliver my package on December 9th, and re-attempted on December 10th.


First of all, I left on holiday on December 20th, so why would they put up a notice informing me I was going to be delivered a parcel more than 10 days after they tried?!?!


I proceed to track the delivery, where I find that they have attempted to deliver the parcel to me but i'm "NOT HOME". Which is OUTRAGEOUS because I was home. Especially since the deliveries were always around 6-8am in the morning, where else would I be?! They "CLAIMED" to deliver it and just marked it down that I wasn't home because they're clearly incompetent. I was home definitely for those days since I was cramming for exams, and definitely did not leave the house.


Thirdly, I went online and re-scheduled for my package to be delivered. They CONFIRMED the delivery date. I sat at home ALL DAY, it never came.

I called customer service only to find out by the customer service person that it was "disposed of".

"What do you mean exactly by disposed of?" I inquired, "Does this mean it was returned to the sender?"

"No, it means it was destroyed" the DHL customer service man says.

I am truly baffled. How can they destroy a parcel without prior warning. How is that even legal?! Not only that, how can they confirm a re-delivery when the parcel (i found out then) was destroyed days ago?!?!


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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #962351

Also, how is it that they can't leave the package at the door. Is it because they're concerned it will be stolen?

Well heck, isn't the risk of it being stolen rather less final that intentionally destroying it?!

Ooh - I'm worried someone might take this. Let me smash it.


I had them for a while they charged me over 100.oo and I was corrected on a few things now they denie I owe this amount still they refuse to reopen my account. I was told Id get disscounts but nope and the drivers are ignorant as well.


I have had the same experiences with DHL and would urge no one to even consider using them.

DHL took a delivery from me which was worth £480 and then destroyed it without telling me or the receiver.

They made no attempt to contact me at all when they couldnt find teh address (and it was sent on the receivers account so they have that info in their systems) - they just went ahead and destroyed it.

They're now refusing to pay any compensation saying that I should have read their "terms and conditions".. can anyone beat that for a "DHL being breathtakingly unethical/incompetent" story..?

to K*** Basma Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #997783

it does not state in their t&c they can destroy packages we sent a huge amount of things home from austrailia in march by mid april no parcels contacted them they said it was the wrong tracking number then a letter arrived to say my parcel had arrived and l had to pay duty on it , we were away on holiday the day l returned l rang and paid the duty 2 weeks later no parcel now find they destryed it saying it had passed the 30 day allowed time before l paid the duty ! are they really allowed to do this our lives were in thoses boxes :(

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