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DHL = Die Hard for Laziness

In Singapore DHL is pathetic logistics and shipment partner of Apple Inc.

You order any thing from apple, apple will do it's job promptly and will send you a shipment notification mail upon item being shipped.

Now DHL will take you item for shipment and miserable part of your life begin as a consumer.

1.If you will not track your shipment , than most likely you will not receive it

2.No one will turn on your door step and DHL employee by their own manipulates the tracking history and will put comment "Receiver not at home" or any thing similar.

3.You will not get any kind of missed delivery note on your doorstep

4.Now if you want your item, than you have to call the DHL hotline and they reschedule the shipment

5.Now you have to be at home in order to receive your item, but no one will turn up at the specified time, than you have to call back DHL once again to reschedule the delivery.

6.DHL will say sorry, we can't arrange delivery as agreed earlier, "Can we arrange delivery for a different date and time?"

7.DHL will manipulate the tracking history once again and will put comment "To Deliver as Agreed".

In summary no professionalism in DHL services, once item is in DHL hands , than you have to chase DHL round the clock in order to get your item as it is, and this also subject to DHL, that DHL want or doesn't want to deliver it at the spacified time (earlier may be agreed by DHL).

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