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Right - is it not the DHL responsibility to get a package from point A to

point B, and is it not right to get it there intact and safe, that is way

a client uses a courier company (DHL) and most off the time the best that

is on the market because it is valuables that needs to be transported from

point A to point B and so you use some one you can trust and you pay them

for that to get you package safely and in tact to U.

Am I right with this question, if I am then we understand each other.

Right second statement

If your goods dos not get to U in tact and save who's responsibility is it

that surely not the clients, it is the courier company responsibility right

because you paid them, and it is not a thump suck price it is a fix

price right that the client accepts right in this case it is DHL, not the

cheapest priced company on the market but there repetition and philosophy stand - we will be your courier responsibility you can trust us. Right


Now I want to get some tings clear.

DHL is one company, what goes for DHL in one country it goes the same in

an other country so what I am saying is THE RULS ARE THE SAME(DHL) right.

I order a Vinyl Cutting machine from China on the - Fri, November 26,

2010, 09:24 because I need to do something ells because I do not now

How long I still have a job, so I went and loan the money for the machine

And the courier cost. So I waited for delivery an wile I waited I got my

clients ready to meet in the beginning of the new year (that cost more

money) did my website design and activate the website ( that cost more

money every month) now the unit comes and it is damaged and not in tack

parts missing and that is how my Year ended for me I phone DHL claims

department they gave me a complaints number the next day and ask me to

send them photos so long they will get the process in place. In the mean

time I send a mail to my supplier and get on to there head and told them

I need answers.

In the mean time I am waiting on answers from DHL but nothing not even

To confirm every ting is in place and I wait and wait old year is gone new

year is well on its way and waiting an still waiting and then I think to

my self a BIGG Company like DHL close there doors over December not

possible. On the date of 14/01/2011 I started with emails to Miss

Kgomotso Molefe Who is suppose to do the claim se read my mails but did not

response to it at all until I started to phone theme and when I spoke to Miss Kgomotso Molefe Se told me she was on leaf and a other person with the name Miss Tshegofatso Dubula will contact me - and I have proof that on several occasions when she was supposedly be on leaf she did read the

mails, and on the date of 24/01/2011 Miss Tshegofatso Dubula send me a

mail with some new details and numbers.

Now from that date to date I have to send a mail some times twice a day to

try and get info. Now I been told she send a mail to Hong Kong she is

waiting for response and then after a few days it is New Year in Hong

Kong so what it seems to me now I have the same dilemma I hade here in South

Africa over December they also close shop. Now all of a sudden I need to

get hold of the shipper because the claim is from them and so on and so


So your policy Have to say - You cant Trust us If your goods is not


Right now I want to know what are we doing about this.

Question 1

Who is replacing the unit

Question 2

Who is reimbursing me for all the money I spend on websites and ads and


Question 3

How long is this going to take

Complaint ref. no. is 130009521

Monetary Loss: $880.

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