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DHL - the worst company!!!

The worst company that I ever dealt with is DHL. Patience is a virtue that I believe I have abundance of (sorry for the "boast") but with DHL I heard the most ridiculous lies that one could concoct and for the first time in my life they were able to consumed all my patience. I am expecting a package from one of our suppliers and last October 11, 2011 DHL informed me that my package was sent to wrong address. Immediately I called them to give my correct address they told me for the change to take effect it will take 24 hours so I decided to pick it up in DHL office near Vancouver Airport instead and instructed the agent to put my package on-hold. I reached the place the next morning at 11:00 and I was greeted with a very pleasing reply "sir your package is on its way to your house". WHAT? (I took a deep breath to control my temper and left the place, mind you taxi cost around CAD30 one way). I went home immediately and found a yellow tag on my door. Again I called DHL to arrange a redelivery. The lady was apologetic and said "sir the package will be delivered to you tomorrow before noon and we are sorry for the delay and the error". The next day came and Lo and Behold no package. I called DHL (I made more than 7 calls to them that day) and talked to their team leader. She told me that due to a mistake in the declaration (someone declared that it contains medicine, from whom I do not know) and that the boarder patrol put my package on-hold. WHAT? (I took several deep breath this time to control my temper and uphold the virtue that is called patience) mind you that they already attempted to deliver the package twice therefore the boarder patrol has nothing to do with it anymore. She said that she talked to their branch in Vancouver and that it will be delivered to me on Monday, October 17, 2011. Well today is Monday October 17, 2011 and still I have not received my package. I called them again and they told me that they will call me back shortly. Its been more than one hour now since my last "sharing of pleasantries" with DHL Customer Service and still no package. WHAT? (I've been taking deep breath for more than one hour now and will probably hyperventilate)

Is there any agency in Canada that handles such inadequacy. This is an unfair labor practice and should be corrected.

BTW DHL stands for - Delay, Hold then Lie.

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Winter Garden, Florida, United States #361914

know the feeling the business I work for had had 9 deliveries screwed up with DHL in the past 3 months one order was to go northren Alberta, well 2 of the boxes got there and the other two went to winipeg, thats just one of several I have had to deal with, and trying to get a proper answer is next to impossible. So I do wish you luck with thse losers

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