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This happened over one year ago, but I still look back in amazement. The Dept of Navy ordered a small but very urgent part. They asked me to send it priority overnight. Sadly, I chose DHL as the courier.

The following day by midday it had not been delivered. I called DHL who said its still on the truck. Navy called me at 3PM San Diego time and said still no delivery. DHL responded with some excuse but promised it would still be delivered. I called again two hours later and DHL said we tried to deliver but nobody was there to accept it.

Navy told me that was crazy, there were hundreds of people at the location, but DHL was done for the day, and promised delivery the next day.

Needless to say by lunch timeon the following day, they had no delivered it, this time they said that their driver could not find the delivery address. When I told Navy, the officer replied "Can't find it, it's a F*****G Aircraft Carrier!"

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how can you not find a massive aircraft carrier? this is truly the best post ever!

the Collector
Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #219103

Hey, you're not alone in problems with DHL. Aparently once something goes wrong, it just stays wrong. DHL's customer service and error recovery has been in my experience just awful. Very few of the on-line posts say basically the same thing.


It's a good thing that they're owned by the German Government

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