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Two times in two months DHL could not find my locaiton. I am in Maryland not Africa but i think I would have had a better chance getting my package if I lived in the bush.

Calling the "help" line I only got a lackey behind a computer screen that tried to hide his supervisors. I was told that they could not reach the "manager" of that location and it was an independent contractor. I told them that people use these services because they are supposed to be 1. dependable and 2.

reliable and 3. knowledgeable Strike 3 their out. I finally talked to the "supervisor" of the local station. When he called me I said "hello" and he said "you tell someone for me to call you?" The conversation did not go well after that.

I will never, never, never use DHL for anything again and will always ask what courier is being used and not buy goods from vendors that use DHL. Be afraid.

Be very, very afraid.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #17820

That is only two strikes, you said they twice in two months they could not find your location, yet you said strike three and you are out later on. They may not be able to read a map, but you don't know how to count which is worse because even a 2 year old can count to three.

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