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Waybill # 9672619644.

To be delivered 23 December. Tracked online and was dispatched for delivery around 1pm. Waited in all day and no delivery, no phone call and no e-mail. At 8.45 pm called customer service and was told the 1st attempt was in fact back at the depot and the 2nd attempt would be made on the next business day - Wednesday 28 (which according to their 2011 Holiday schedule is a lie and Tuesday is in fact their next business day). I asked why it wasn't delivered and was told there was no reason in the system. I was then given the address and told I would pick it up only for him to then tell me the office is closed all weekend.

My special gift won't be here for Christmas and the only reason I can think is because the driver couldn't be bothered to drive the 1 hour each way to get out here.

I'm steaming and sent DHL a complaint last night. May call again this morning to see if there is any more news but it is totally unacceptable that they a) don't deliver and b) don't inform you of anything. I have also informed the people the order was from as they should definitely get a refund from DHL as the guaranteed delivery before Christmas was not met.

The most annoying thing of all is that we the consumer/customer can do nothing about any of it and they can carry on not doing their work properly. If I behaved like that in my work I wouldn't be in my job for very long!!!!

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