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This is the second bad experience I've had with this sh***y company. The last time I ordered a textbook online, the delivery person decided they would leave my package outside in the open without knocking or seeing if anyone was home. I had to call and complain to the facility manager. What if it was something more expensive and somebody stole it???

I ordered from a vendor in China this weekend and the package got to the US in one day. I was at first a little hesitant about using the company because of what happened the last time, but I chose the cheaper DHL shipping option. The package went from China to NY in one day. I thought great, I should receive it the morning. NOOOOO. I check the tracking info and my package went from NY ( where it's supposed to be) to Washington D.C. (what the *** is my package doing in DC AFTER it was already in NY?!?!?) I had to call customer service and complain. Now I'll have to wait another 2 days to get my package and I hope this time it gets to me without fail.

What really grinds my gears also is that they don't have a pick-up center where I can go to get the package. Whenever I've had packages sent via UPS, USPS, or even FEDEX, I don't remember having these issues. I'm livid and I WILL NOT be using DHL's services again even if it means spending more $$.

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