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Sat around all afternoon on Friday waiting for a new phone from O2. When nothing had arrived by 6pm, looked up the DHL tracking again which claimed it had been delivered at 17:22 and SIGNED FOR BY ME, which is the worst of it.

Now O2 claim that DHL claim I signed for it. I have asked repeatedly that they secure both a copy of the signature and the GPS log of where it was taken, neither of which can refer to me! O2 now seem to think I stole the phone.

At the moment I just feel powerless and I'm being acused of being a thief to boot. This does NOT sit well.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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hi markbegie,

did you manage to get this sorted? i ordereda phone from 02 which was due to be delivered today, recieved a text from 02 this morning confirming that..

there were no notes available on the dhl tracking system and i waited until 5pm as was the delivery slot and called them to ask where it was customer service were incompetent and told me that it was down for delivery up until 9pm.. i waited and still no delivery and of course.. all the offices were closed!! i'm livid..

as I have wasted a whole day waiting.. if they say it has been signed for i think i will explode!! what was your solution in the end..

did o2 sort it for you? and why are they still using these imbiciles as if you google you will see that we are nt alone...

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