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i had a man with a battered parcel arrive at my door. he wanted me to give him money for the battered parcel which was pretty much already open, he had no uniform no id and no change at all!

i managed to rake together the excat amount he wanted as i felt he was basically holding this parcel to ransom, (and only paid as it was low amount as if it been a high amount i would have called the police and reported it as a scam - he had no id at all and could have been anyone)

i explained to him that he had no id i didnt have a clue who he was and he wanted money at my door for a parcel that looked broken up! he didnt care his attitude was its dhl i only get paid to take your money and give you the parcel no money no parcel! - no customer service there then!

the charge was a customs charge which i want to make totally clear i do not mind paying custom charges but the system of dhl which is in place for customs is totally open to abuse from scammers. who ever in their management thought it up got this whole system totally wrong!

its totally open to scammers and for customers like me its totally unacceptable being held to ransom at my own door!

just think an elderly person or indeed anyone could be conned by their what is know as the new and improved system. turn up at some ones door with a parcel and photocopied paperwork and ask for money! totally un-proffessional and i will never ever use dhl again after this

why on earth couldnt they just come up with a proper system, their old one of ask for money after was working so it didnt take much to think we will ask by letter for it before then arrange delievery.

what happens to all the extra money overpaid to? the driver is not allowed to carry money! - yet he is allowed to collect it isnt that carrying money??- but no your not allowed change! so if its an odd amount and you dont have it he will just take the extra. this is not fair at all!

this whole system is totally open to abuse and i for one feel totally used and betrayed by dhl

i placed in a compalint and i feel dhl are in truth not interested - i feel they have your money and they dont care not even that the parcel is trashed and battered when it arrives!

i was lucky as the inside item wasnt broke yet the box is barely holding together!

dhl give extremely poor service which is totally open to abuse - dhl are one to advoid! and i will never use them again i will be keeping to their rival company!

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If your parcel arrives in the stated condition, mark it on their waybill as crushed,torn,ripped,open,contents not complete and always take a picture. I agree that it is unprofessional to have an employee show up with no identification or uniform to collect money. Some carriers employ owner operators to help out on overly busy days, and they are not supplied uniforms.

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