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This parcel situation has been going on for nearly 4 weeks. We were told 2 -3 days to India from Thailand. But India was and is incompetent beyond belief, thailand less helpful as they pass the back to india, everyone passing things from pillar to post. At the time of sending we were not informed of India KYC requirements but it was only because I contacted DHL that they then were able to email me. The email asked to uploaded KYC docs but the website failed to work. They told me i could email it to them, so Despite sending emails repeatedly over 3 days to several parties on a daily basis they did not deliver documents to Customs on time. Plus KYC dhl kept changing per person in every step.... its was infurating and beyond incompetent. I clearly said that I was leaving india at the end of the week and I needed the parcel sent within a time frame. As I left the India to get to UK I still did not have my package. Dhl attempted delivery of the parcel to the wrong address 5 days after i had left india but I was told it was part of their 'precedures'. There was daily calls plus emails to DHL about this which took at least 30 mins of explaining to every different person at dhl india which just maddening.

Back to UK the tracing took an unusual step of taking the case on, due to constant incompetence they could see and the bad information being given by both india and thailand about redirecting. 20 days in the uk even finally someone with eyes and a brain could see the email that had the redirect from the shipper, it took 17 days to realise this and daily calls from myself for them to get there... So one month later, still no redirect and somehow within the space of a day, on a Saturday when dhl london tracing was not in office, india without communicating to the shipper or london dhl office had sent the parcel back to thailand. There is a Proof of delivery document, only with no signature and the original shipper who was only sending it on my behalf is no longer in Thailand, so who was it allegedly delivered to? ....How does air mail and delivery to chaing mai via bangkok, go through customs and get to the alleged shipper which all happens in less that 12 hours? Especially when its taken india weeks to process the same. So it looks like that the intention was to loose the parcel and wash hands off it or steal it.

losing days of my life the phone with DHL every day going nowhere for one month solid and going round in circles, its like putting bamboo shoots under your nails... this is most beyond awful, frustrating, ,distressing and incompetant service.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with u customer service in a different league to india and thailand and uk customer service more proactive than india and stated that there is a room for improvement of deceptive delivery estimate and dysfunctional internal system. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "problem with processing, issues paying in thailand for redelivery, lack of communication from india to uk dhl, no communication with shipper when resending to verify" of dhl delivery service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $300. DHL needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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