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DHL dispatched package to my permanent residential address 3 times: 25th April, 29th of April and12th of May. The contact phone number was in Toronto while the package destination isVancouver.DHL can not conclude that they have wrong contact information. DHL customs service called very early next morning yell and scream said they have proofs! Well, I have proofs of your failed delivery and not once I received any notices at my building. Please... Read more

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  • Dhl
  • May 20
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Very very slow shipping i have been waiting almost 2 weeks for somrthing and still have not recieved it... Add comment

I have been waiting for my parcel from UK for two weeks now since it was handed over to a SO called subcontractor (RAM-USELESS) in Johannesburg two weeks back. I have been calling 4-5 times daily ever and what I receive as a feedback is we will call you back(which does not happen) or RAM promised to deliver in the morning... call back after 12pm... the answer is they will deliver this afternoon before close of business. Spending 5-7minutes on a... Read more

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Hi, I sent coffee and tes from Lao to Chiang Mai, I asked DHL Lao if it is possible to send 1.8 kg not for commercial purpose. I sent it for 54$ and after 5 days nothing no information I did the tracking with my shipment waybill and in the end they told me it is impossible if I want to get it back I need to pay another 54$. I need to get information by my one and no solution is possible only destruction and money lost for me. Thank you DHL for... Read more

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Let me start by saying DHL are a bunch of thieves i was working abroad for 6 weeks and it was my son's bithday coming up so i got my son a very nice gold bracelet and my wife some shoes i decided everything and did all the paperwork to ship back to Toronto Canada i have done this at lest 20 times before not with DHL so i sent the box paid for 3-5 days shipping it was $155 canadian with the insurance and 2 weeks after i sent it my wife gets the... Read more

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I have called them several times and after three days they informed that they lost package and they told me to go ahead with claim. Tried explaining how valuable those items and asked them to check all the locations where they lost scanned,but they refused to give proper response and they simply said package was lost and had sent claim form for reimbursement. it was very pain full for loosing the items and the reckless response from them. i... Read more

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  • May 06
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So after more than 10 unanswered email for a package that is suppose to go from shanghai to brunei (asia) but went through three cities in europe for no reason. This is their reply. Amazing. Simply amazing how they didnt even bother to check the country package is suppOse to be sent to. Nor the fact that it is passed the 20 days mark. I just cant anymore. Add comment

Dhl - Review in Shipping category from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei And Muara
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I mean really?! Both seller and buyers are located in Asia. What on earth is it doing transiting in Asia?! They send it from ShAnghai to Singapore which is 2 hours away from Brunei and from singapore sent it to UK! And then to diff places around germany?! Are u kidding me? 17 days amd package hasnt arrived. And they made seller divide the package into 2 and charge usd$60 for this level of service?! And till now, no reply from dhl . I cant even.... Read more

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Worst service ever. I ordered hairfinity and was unaware they use dhl for shipping. If I had known I would have NEVER tried hairfinity. I ordered the pills and after 5 days of it showing shipment information received I contacted dhl. Dhl then informs me that my package is red flag status because they have the package info where the label was purchased but they haven't received the package and to contact hairfinity. I call hairfinity and was... Read more

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Have a package that was sent from China to my address in Beaverton, Oregon, 6 miles west of Portland. Monday, April25th I receive a call from DHL informing me that a delivery will be made Wednesday April 27th and a signature is required. Fine. I make arrangements to be available all day Wednesday, but 8:30PM comes without delivery. So I call DHL and they said delivery will be made Thursday, the 28th and we can avoid the required signature... Read more

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